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Three grapes

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Tasting Notes

VISUAL : Wine of garnet red color with very covered tile tones.

OLFACTORY : Presents on the nose
aromas of wild fruits such as blackberries and raspberries. Hints of cedar and oak noble woods, with light touches of key species, vanilla and cinnamon.

GUSTATORY: On the palate it is very robust, balanced acidity with firm and good quality tannins that predict a good evolution over the next few years. Long and pleasant aroma in the mouth with hints of hazelnut, coconut and tobacco.

HARVEST : 2017
VARIETIES: 70% Black Mantle, 30%
Cabernet Sauvignon - Old vines of
the centenary Finca Son Roig in

ELABORATION : This wine has been fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperature control at 25 degrees, after fermentation it has enjoyed a careful cold maceration in order to extract more color and aromas.

It has been aged in fine-grained French oak barrels for 12 months. After being bottled, this wine has been refined for 6 months in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity to preserve and enhance its organoleptic qualities.